Mediation Services


Mediation is an informal, confidential and effective conflict resolution process, which involves a Mediator who guides two or more participants through a facilitated discussion to help them better understand their issues and arrive at a mutual agreement. Mediation is highly effective, particularly in helping parties resolve their workplace conflicts with others. The characteristics of mediation include:

  • Confidentiality: The process is strictly confidential for the involved parties.
  • Impartiality: The mediator is a neutral and impartial party.
  • Informality: Mediation services offered by The Workplace Adviser in NSW are flexible as to structure.
  • Voluntary agreement: Participants have ultimate control over the decisions made and their resulting agreement.
  • Customised: Mediation services allow participants to customise their solutions according to their needs.


Over 80% of mediations reach a certain outcome, and over 95% of participants find the whole process productive and useful in repairing and building communication regardless of any agreement or outcome.

Alternative Dispute Resolution is an effective, informal and less costly method for resolving issues in the workplace.Our approach is strategic and proactive. We advise you and support the resolution of interpersonal conflicts ensuring equitable solutions for all parties. Our primary objectives are to resolve conflicts, minimise risks, and improve relationships within a supportive and confidential setting, with a view to achieving a productive and balanced workplace. We provide professional mediation, coaching and mentoring services and manage the relationships with parties at all stages of the process, include pre and post mediation discussions.